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live anywhere you wish

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Thanks to our fixed-furniture system you are free of the hassle of packing. Your nomad house can be disassembled, moved and assembled as many times as needed without even taking your clothes out of the wardrobe! Every nomad house is fully customizable; the layout, furniture, materials, amenities and the appliances can be all personalized. The interiors and furniture are made of high quality wooden materials from sustainable resources.






nomad house is fully customisable, we think alongside you to choose the best layout, furniture,  materials, and amenities that suits you best. all the furniture is fixed to avoid the hassle of packing


the sizes are compatible with the truck load size allowed on the european road network.  the modules can be transported both on highways and on small village roads. it is also possible to have them on wheels to transport them yourselves


the modules can be disassembled, moved and assembled as many times as you like. the installation process takes no more then two days and the house is ready to be inhabited


in nomad house, we are dedicated to achieving zero-carbon emissions and lowering the environmental impact from the design to production and from the usage to maintenance by using renewable materials and alternative energy. besides the fact that our materials are selected from a range of sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled, or recyclable sources, we offer solar panels, vertical gardens, green roofs, and rainwater harvesting systems. the fully isolated nomad houses reduce the dependency on non-renewable resources for heating and cooling. above all, nomad houses last longer and require less maintenance than regular prefabricated houses. what is more, all of these don’t come pricey due to our smooth supply chain and the optimised local production process. nomad house offers solutions for up to 30% less than other producers’ prices.

Omid Kheirabadi
architect, concept designer
Katerina Malamat
architect, interior designer
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sales management


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